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Press firmly, then stick the tape to a glass microscope slide, sticky side down. If you don’t have a glass slide, you can get one from your physician. The pinworm eggs will stick to the tape and your doctor will be able to see.

  • As soon as the person you suspect has pinworms wakes up and before he or she uses the toilet, washes or gets dressed, press the adhesive side of a piece of transparent tape to the skin around the anus. The eggs stick to the tape. For best results, perform the tape test three days in a row, and then take the pieces of tape to your doctor.

  • Shower daily in the morning to remove pinworm eggs that may have been deposited overnight. Change your underwear and clothing daily. Use hot water in the washing machine and hot air in the dryer when laundering bedding, clothing, and towels that may contain pinworm eggs. Steroid Cream for Itching: For the itching, wash the skin around the a

  • Simple RX: U get pin worms by putting egg contaminated fingers in the mouth.The eggs travel through, hatch & begin to live in your large intestines .Living pw's crawl out your anus &lay eggs.If you get an allergic rxn to the glue like stuff the eggs are laid in, it will itch a lot. Rx is so simple & free of side effects many just treat on suspicion.


How To Get Rid Of Pinworm Without Medication

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